GreenHosting is designed for environmentally-conscious organizations which have an internet domain and which wish to contribute to the growth of renewable energy in Canada. By transferring your domain to GreenHosting's internet server in Calgary, you will directly support the expansion of new wind turbines and contribute directly toward the reduction of GHG emissions that come from conventional power plants which combust fossil fuels.

There is no difference in how your domain is produced or viewed around the world; the only change is that the computer server (that hosts your website) consumes electricity that is generated from a renewable energy source (wind).

Due to a premium cost for green power, this hosting service is designed for organizations that do not have large files or complex server requirements. Our base rate provides up to 5 MB of total file capacity, although more space is available at additional cost.

This service can accommodate companies which already have a registered domain name, and organizations that wish to register a new or second domain (this service is available at additional cost).

In order to keep our service simple and the costs minimal, we do not offer e-commerce capability.

GreenHosting is developed and maintained by the canadian association for renewable energies.

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